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Nikkie Putnam Badding

Nikki Putnam Badding Headshot

Nikki Putnam Badding, Director of Human Nutrition Initiatives at Alltech, Inc. is a registered dietitian helping farmers and producers across the globe apply the lens of human nutrition to agricultural practices for the improved nutrition of plants, animals and consumers. She is actively advancing the vision of Planet of Plenty – producing enough safe, nutritious food for all, while caring for our animals and sustaining our land, air and water for future generations.

Maria Rose Belding

Maria Rose Belding

Maria Rose Belding, Co-Founder and Executive Director of MEANS, is the author of more than a dozen nationally published pieces on food security and poverty. She has also had the privilege to speak on the same issues in 25 states. Her work has not gone unnoticed, with recognition from Points of Light, L’Oreal Paris, and the Obama White House with President’s Volunteer Service awards in 2014 and 2016, along with being named a 2018 Glamour College Woman of the Year. In December 2018 at age 23, she became the youngest-ever female CNN Hero of the Year.

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Ouita Michel

Ouita Michel

Ouita Michel, Chef and Restaurateur, makes locally grown ingredients a priority in her restaurants. Michel’s use of locally sourced foods helps sustain Bluegrass family farms and provides customers with the freshest, best-tasting fine cuisine. Ouita Michel Family of restaurants have purchased $3 million of Kentucky-grown meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables over the last 18 years. Her reputation and commitment to sustainability have earned speaking invitations, media interviews, and awards from local, regional, and national organizations.

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