Cooperative Extension Service

The Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service has 120 county offices which house Extension Agents in Family and Consumer Sciences, Community and Leadership Development, 4-H and Youth Development, Horticulture, and Agriculture and Natural Resources. 

We use evidence-based programs to extend the knowledge of the University to the public and to Kentucky communities through Cooperative Extension Service offices.  There are opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work on applied research projects and to participate in summer internships.

Specialists in Food and Nutrition in the Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition provide a gateway to current research-based nutrition and food safety information for consumers. Specialists provide program development, training, and evaluation to individuals, families, and communities, including limited resource audiences.  These faculty members also teach undergraduate and graduate courses and conduct applied research to assess program efficacy and to further program development.  In addition, Specialists in Food and Nutrition provide technical expertise, grant writing support, social science research, and leadership for Kentucky Cooperative Extension Agents and their clients.

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