Kali is a senior studying Human Nutrition, originally from Greensburg, Kentucky. She plans to graduate in December and attend dental school next fall. 

Why did you choose to study Human Nutrition? 

As an athlete growing up, and being raised in an active family, I have always had an interest in fueling my body properly. Over time I developed a passion for health and wellness and wanted to do my part in improving the overall wellbeing of my small community.

I have always known I wanted to become a dentist so I felt that with my Human Nutrition degree, I could use this knowledge to help my future patients with their overall health and not just with their oral health, as oral health and general health are greatly affected by one another.

What is your favorite part of studying Human Nutrition at UK? 

It is all so interesting to me! I have loved getting to take intense science classes, while also taking valuable nutrition classes where I learn useful things that I can immediately put into practice.

Kali is a member and student ambassador for the Dental Society. She is also involved with the Red Shoe Crew and serves on the Elections Board for the Student Government Association.