Passionate about Our Core Values

We are committed to being FIRST in Focus – Innovation – Respect – Success – TeamworkThe Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition is a student-centered department and, with the assistance of many community-based partners, we offer a wide-range of academic and pre-professional practice programs. 

  • Focus on the contributions to excellence in learning, discovery, and engagement.
  • Innovation in ideas will contribute to evidence-based best practices in the profession.
  • Respect for others will allow service to others to be our highest priority.
  • Success is reached by empowering all individuals to reach their full potential.
  • Teamwork fosters partnerships between students, faculty, alumni, and community.

Our Students are FIRST in...

  • Creativity, high achievements, and diversity
  • Valuing others and communities. 
  • Developing innovative solutions to make the world healthier. 
  • Leading sustainable approaches to reducing food waste and hunger. 
  • Traveling and presenting at conferences and summits.
  • Research domestic and abroad.