Illuminating Intersections: Hunger and Health

In many ways America is the land of plenty. But for a staggering number of Kentuckians across the Commonwealth, hunger is the reality.

Over 750,000 Kentuckians, 17% of the state’s population, do not always know from where their next meal will come. 1 in 4 of Kentucky’s children lack consistent access to enough food for a healthy, active lifestyle.[1] Over 66% have to choose between food and medical care and 79% have to make the choice to purchase inexpensive, unhealthy food. Due to limited access to healthy food, over 58% of hungry households have a member with high blood pressure and 33% have a member with diabetes.[2]

In central and eastern Kentucky, nearly 330,000 people are at risk of hunger and the majority of whom are women, children, seniors, the working poor and people with disabilities. God’s Pantry Food Bank is fighting hunger in 50-counties across the state. In partnership with 300 member agencies, they are making healthy food accessible to over 211,000 hungry people during their greatest times of need.[3]

Together, we can improve access to healthy food for families and individuals in our community. By giving time, food, or funds, you play an active part of the solution to end hunger.

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Join the fight to put an end to this solvable problem!