FIRST in Research

Human Nutrition student presents her research at the Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit in Guelph, Canada.

Program Highlights:

The Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition offers appropriate preparation for further study in the science of nutrition and health related fields, particularly medicine, pharmacy, health care supplies, physical therapy, physician assistant, public health, nutrition, and nutrition research. 

Human Nutrition students excel on the University of Kentucky campus and in the community. Many of our students are involved in volunteer work and activities and hold leadership roles. We are proud of the excellence of our students both in the classroom and on campus and in the community.

Human Nutrition Careers

  • Quality control and product development for the food industry
  • Regulatory services and food policy
  • Formulation and sales of nutritional supplements
  • Pharmaceutical development and sales
  • Health-related professions including advanced study in: medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nutrition, foods systems management, physical therapy, physician assistant, and public health.

Admission to the Major: Human Nutrition 

Entrance Requirements:

  • Students who are a pre-human nutrition major can apply for major status when they have completed the DHN pre-major courses with a pre-major GPA of 2.8 or higher.
  • Courses include: BIO 148, CHE 105, CHE 111, CHE 107, CHE 113, BIO 152, DHN 212, and DHN 241

Application Process:

Application Deadlines:

  • September 15th to be considered for Fall admission
  • February 15th to be considered for Spring admission
  • July 15th to be considered for Summer admission