All Human Nutrition students complete an undergraduate research project as part of their major requirements.  Students complete a two-course sequence during their senior year, DHN 474: Research in Nutrition-Theory and DHN 475W: Research in Nutrition-Applications.  DHN 475W fulfills the University of Kentucky graduation writing requirement.

Students selected their own research topic, developed a grant and appropriate study tools, completed the research and data analysis, and prepared a 15-page journal article and professional poster.  This opportunity allows students to explore what research really is so that they have a better understanding as they move into graduate school and their professional career. 

The top five students presented posters at the 2013 UK Undergraduate Showcase of Scholar:

Follow the links below to view our students research topic and discoveries. 

  • Andrew Denmark
    • The Effect of SSB Intake on BMI of College Students at the University of Kentucky
  • Blake Dickens
    • Off-Campus College Students: Does Location of Eating Venues Influence Academic Success?
  • Jamie Shelton
    • How does a school-based intervention influence the dietary intake (fruit and vegetable consumption) of 3rd and 4th grade students?
  • Megan Crepps
    • How is the grade point average of a full time college student at the University of Kentucky affected by the consumption of breakfast before class?
  • Ryan Barr
    • How Frequently Students at the University of Kentucky Smoke or Use Tobacco and How Smoking Affects BMI of the Individual