Students interested in undergraduate research opportunities can contact faculty members who may be interested in serving as mentors for a semester. This year, Dr. Julie Plasencia and Dr. Alison Gustafson have worked with several students to provide these opportunites. 

All Human Nutrition students complete an undergraduate research project as part of their major requirements.  Students complete a two-course sequence during their senior year, DHN 474: Research in Nutrition-Theory and DHN 475: Research in Nutrition-Application. DHN 475 is a writing-intensive (W) course approved to fulfill the upper tier of the graduation writing requirement (GWR)

Students select their own research topic, develop a grant and appropriate study tools, complete the research and data analysis, and prepare a 15-page journal article and professional poster. This opportunity allows students to explore what research really is so that they have a better understanding as they move into graduate school and their professional career.