Colyn True shares her experiences in Ghana!

Expand Your Education Overseas & Study Abroad

UK Education Abroad offers a variety of programs that allow you to study Dietetics and Human Nutrition in an international setting. Immerse yourself in another culture, expand your knowledge and explore what the world has to offer with any one of the exciting opportunities available to you.

Education Abroad Programs in Dietetics and Human Nutrition 

Explore: Australia

Immerse yourself in the culture while completing a community development project in Melborne. This course fulfills the requirements for DHN 318: Hunger, Food Behavior and the Environment. Travel to the outback this winter!

Explore: Ghana

Chocolate, Farming & Fabric

Discover the food, farming, and entrepreneurial activities in a developing country and understand how hunger, agriculture and gender disparities impact the lives of families! 

  • Travel to remote villages to see a women’s fabric cooperative, orphanage and school feeding program.
  • Trip Dates: May – June, 2015, 2017, 2019
  • For more information, Contact: Dr. Janet Mullins

Explore: Italy

The Italian Table: An Exploration of the Heritage of Sustainable Food and Cultural Diversity

Join your fellow dietetics and human nutrition students to learn about sustainable agriculture in Italy!

  • Visit: Florence, Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, Pisa, and Bologna. 
  • Trip Dates: June - July 2016; 2018
  • For more information, Contact: Dr. Sandra Bastin